The Queensland Science Teacher is published quarterly by the Science Teachers’ Association of Queensland.

Queensland Science Teacher 41(4)

In this edition learn how to use computer-based ‘virtual laboratory’ activities for inquiry in the classroom. Also there there are soil science activities and a method of reviewing available science outreach activities. There is an article reviewing the Queensland Science Contest with a list of winners and information about our upcoming Senior Science Conference.

Download the entire digital edition of the Queensland Science Teacher 41(4) as one file (2.5 Mb).

Table of Contents

Each individual download includes the cover pages and Table of Contents.

STAQ President’s Report (1.4 Mb)
Tony Wright (STAQ President)

In the News (1.2Mb)

An Inquiry Sequence for Interactive Simulations (1.3Mb)
David Geelan & Xinxin Fan

Amazing Space (1.2Mb)
Paul Floyd

Sorting the Stones from the Gems (1.2Mb)
Maria Barrett & Robyn Bull

Soil in Ancient Egypt (1.2Mb)
Alisa Bryce

Queensland Science Contest (1.7Mb)
Jackie Mergard

QUT’s 2015 Vice Chancellor’s STEM camp (1.3Mb)
Anne Brant

Blast from the Past (1.3Mb)
Buttons by Trevor G. Appleton

Senior Science Conference Program (1.2Mb)

Download the full Queensland Science Teacher 41(4) (2.5Mb)

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