STAQ seeks and solicits advertising that serves the interest of its members.

  • STAQ members include primary, secondary, tertiary and trainee teachers of science; teacher educators; science education officers; and researchers in education.
  • STAQ membership includes approximately 500 teachers and institutions, reaching a potential audience of 2500 teachers in Queensland primary and secondary schools.
  • All members receive The Queensland Science Teacher, and as a default also receive the e-Newsletter, although they may choose to opt out of this.
  • The STAQ website is accessible by the public.

Advertising revenue supports the activities of STAQ.

Current STAQ Membership

  • STAQ maintains a membership of around 500, with about 2/5 of those members being Institutional. This means our eNewsletter is sent to around 1200 email addresses.

Advertising rates and deadlines

STAQ website

  • eNewsletters are usually sent on the first Tuesday of the month. Advertising is due the Wednesday preceding this.
  • Advertising purchased for publication on the website may also be included in the upcoming months’ e-Newsletter (Website + e-Newsletter).
  • Advertising on the website includes an image on the homepage. This image may be up to 250 pixels wide and 250 pixels high. It may be accompanied by up to ten words that form the caption for the advertisement. Clicking on the image will direct visitors to the advertiser’s nominated webpage.
  • The advert will be removed when the advertising agreement has expired.
  • Advertising in the e-Newsletter includes an image in the right hand column of the e-Newsletter. This image must be 180 pixels wide and up to 180 pixels high. It may be accompanied by a short paragraph that form the caption for the advertisement.

eNewsletter Advertising Rates

*9/10 e-Newsletters each year, February – December

The Queensland Science Teacher

  • The Queensland Science Teacher is the journal of the Science Teachers’ Association of Queensland. Our members choose to receive it in either a printed or digital format. The contents of both editions are identical, except the digital version contains live hyperlinks to STAQ and external websites. Currently about 300 of our members receive the printed version and the remaining members receive the digital version.
  • The journal is published twice a year – in April and October. Submission deadlines are Mid March and September.
STAQ Advertising Rates