Classroom Resources for online learning – A list of some available resources

To help you on your online teaching/learning journey, here is a list of some of the online/distance learning materials that have come to our attention (organised alphabetically). STAQ do not endorse and have not quality assured their content

  • ABC education provides access to more than 4000 free videos, interactive resources and fun games mapped to the Australian curriculum.
  • The Australian Computing Academy and Grok Learning, Grok’s courses and competitions
  • Astronomy and Telescope reviews a resource for people looking for solid, trusted advice and guidance on how to get started in amateur astronomy
  • Australian Reptile Park – the Australian Reptile Park’s YouTube channel.
  • Crash Course Entertaining and educational videos organised by subject area. Suitable for secondary students. For younger students they have Crash Course Kids.
  • Double Helix blog Hands-on activities, quizzes and brainteasers, including some recent articles explaining COVID-19 for young readers.
  • iReviews an amazing collection of resources that teachers and parents can use to help their kids learn in a way they will love.
  • Khan Academy  Instructional videos and practice exercises that allows students to study at their own pace. Organised by subject and year level. Suitable for students at all year levels.
  • ReefRelief are offering virtual lessons and supplemental materials including activities, videos and lesson outlines posted on their blog.
  • Science kids  Fun science and technology games and activities for primary aged students.
  • Science Sparks  Interactive website for the early years focussing on science experiments for young children.
  • Street Science offers Classroom kits everything you need to run a street science workshop including access to the Street Science digital learning lab.  Online and hands-on learning all in one.


Please note that this is by no means a complete list of the materials/offers made available to teachers and students and STAQ do not endorse and have not quality assured their content