Classroom Resources for online learning – A list of some available resources

To help you on your online teaching/learning journey, here is a list of some of the online/distance learning materials that have come to our attention over the last month (organised alphabetically). We will endeavour to put this list as well as others on the resources section of our website. If you know of or are using any others please let us know on our facebook page so that we can share with you all.

  • ABC education provides access to more than 4000 free videos, interactive resources and fun games mapped to the Australian curriculum.
  • The Australian Computing Academy and Grok Learning, are giving Australian students free access to Grok’s courses and competitions for Years 3-12; ACA’s DT Challenges for Years 3-12 (extended from Years 3-8); and ACA’s Cyber Security Challenge 1 for Years 5-12 (extended from Years 7-12) for all of Term 2.
  • Tim Faulkner is presenting educational videos at the Australian Reptile Park at 10am and 2pm on Tim Faulkner’s Facebook and Instagram pages as well as the Australian Reptile Park’s YouTube channel.
  • Crash Course Entertaining and educational videos organised by subject area. Suitable for secondary students. For younger students they have Crash Course Kids.
  • Double Helix blog Hands-on activities, quizzes and brainteasers, including some recent articles explaining COVID-19 for young readers.
  • Jacaranda have announced they will offer Australian secondary schools free access to Jacaranda digital/PDF resources for their teachers and students until the end of Term 2, 2020. They ask that schools submit one request per school, which outlines all the subjects and year levels they need access to. Then submit this request to their local Jacaranda Education Consultant.
  • Education Perfect is providing free and unlimited access to all schools until 1st May.
  • Khan Academy  Instructional videos and practice exercises that allows students to study at their own pace. Organised by subject and year level. Suitable for students at all year levels.
  • ReefRelief are offering virtual lessons on facebook live at 10:30am every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Supplemental materials including activities, videos and lesson outlines posted on their blog.
  • Science kids  Fun science and technology games and activities for primary aged students.
  • Science Sparks   Interactive website for the early years focussing on science experiments for young children.
  • Street Science is live streaming awesome science lessons every day at 10am. Register here!! but be quick there have been over 1000 people registering event day.


Please note that this is by no means a complete list of the materials/offers made available to teachers and students during the pandemic and STAQ do not endorse and have not quality assured their content