Queensland Science Contest Prizes and Bursary Criteria


The prizes are as follows:
*Primary 1st $60; 2nd $40; 3rd $20; HC $10
*Junior Secondary 1st $150; 2nd $100; 3rd $75; HC $35
*Senior Secondary 1st $250; 2nd $150; 3rd $100; HC $45


There are also exclusive awards:

Rowe Scientific Award for Best Regional Secondary School Project
Rowe Scientific Award for Best Regional Secondary School student
UQ Young Scientist Award


Students can apply for a maximum of two bursaries per entry. Representatives from the bursary owners independently judge each bursary. Their judgment is final and no further correspondence will be entered into. Each bursary description will outline criteria(s) the judges are looking for. Applying for a bursary is optional. If there is no link then the organisation has not specified any criteria.

The following organisations are currently offering bursaries. 

Biochemistry Bursary


Birdlife Bursary


Acoustics Bursary


Chemistry Bursary


Soil Science Bursary

SPE Poster Bursary

Mathematics Sponsorship


Entomological-related Bursary





Biological Sciences, UQ

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