Queensland Science Contest – Information for Teachers

A teacher’s perspective

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What do I have to do as a teacher?

Teachers have an important, but not onerous, role to play in the awards. Teachers already scaffold and facilitate scientific work in the classroom. From this work, teachers can:

  • identify student science projects that meet the criteria for entry to the Contest (such as a Senior Student Experiment or group science investigation) and meet the conditions of entry;
  • register their students’ projects in the Contest with permission from parents;
  • ensure that Contest entry forms are completed and submitted on time; and
  • make arrangements with parents or through the school to ensure that projects arrive at the judging venue on time, either by postage or delivery.

Schools may nominate one teacher to coordinate entries by students across multiple classes, or each teacher may assume responsibility for entering their own students’ projects. In some cases, parents are encouraged to register their child’s project independently.

As a teacher, you can also register as a judge for the contest and see the standard of student work from other schools and in other year levels. You can pick up some novel topics for investigation and innovative ways of engaging your students with science as part of your own professional development. New judges are always welcome. To become a judge, please contact Gaynor at the STAQ office, and she will let the coordinator know.

Cost of entry to the Contest?

Some schools cover the cost of their students’ projects while others arrange for parents to make payment. This decision is at the discretion of the school and should be made in negotiation with parents.

The small fee collected helps cover the costs of administration, judging, prizes and the awards ceremony. STAQ aims to keep this event cost-neutral.

What are the prizes?

Students can win prizes in 1st, 2nd, 3rd place and highly commended. Entrants may also nominate to be considered for up to two bursary awards, provided their project topic is relevant to the particular bursary.

A Certificate of Participation will be available to all students who enter the Queensland Science Contest. The certificates will be forwarded to your school for distribution to individual students. Where there is only one entry from a school, the certificate may be delivered to the individual’s home address.

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